In today’s time, obesity has become an epidemic that has already taken root in our modern and digital society. When our lifestyle becomes sedentary, getting overweight is evident. For the same reason, we have created this article that explains the list of medical center in Dubai for weight loss assistance.

By visiting any of the clinics, the patient can improve their lifestyle and ensures that troubles that come from obesity can be treated.

Northwest Clinic

Regarded as the top clinic in our list of medical center in Dubai for weight loss assistance includes Northwest clinic.

They have various services housed within the facility, although weight loss assistance and obesity control is directly liked by nutritionist as well as internal medicine specialist.

Although there’s no bariatric specialist who operates on patients with obesity through consultation and following a healthy lifestyle, which is more long-term and effective.

De Nova

During your weight loss journey, you need specialist support who will not only back you up but also provide you with subsequent consultation which is aimed to ensure that your weight is properly controlled.

De Nova is regarded as one of the leading lists of medical center in Dubai which puts great effort into controlling obesity.

Doctors along with dietitians will help the patient to follow up with their routine as well as ensure that they get the best service available in the medical world.

ShapeZoom Health Center

For weight loss, a doctor becomes like a coach who ensures that patient follows their respective diet plan.

ShapeZoom Health Center has various services for that matter that have better insight into what food carving means in terms of deficiencies within one’s body and provide dedicated consultancy for a more holistic lifestyle where balanced nutrition is a must.

DNA Health and Wellness

One of the top-class clinics that we have included in our list of medical center in Dubai is DNA Health and Wellness.

They provide a weight loss program for people who are showing interest in living a healthy lifestyle.

Elements such as meal planning, body composition analysis, and chronic disease management will assist patients to control their weight and fix illnesses generated from being overweight.

FCBS Dubai

Every individual has their own set of needs and identity which makes a doctor more focused on providing just tailored made services first.

FCBS Dubai is one of the clinics on our list of medical center in Dubai which has a good approach to weight loss.

They have even categorized weight loss into various fields, such as weight loss treatment, postnatal abdominal firming, body wraps, body shaping, and much more.

Wellbeing Clinic

In today’s world, following an unhealthy lifestyle is very easy and people can simply backtrack from their weight loss commitment several times.

Having a dedicated professional looking after your fitness program, including a nutrition plan, exercise program, and even counseling for weight management, the result will be long-term.

Wellbeing Clinic is regarded as one of the clinics within our list of medical center in Dubai to provide weight control services for their patients.


American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH) offers a variety of services including consultation and surgery for patients looking to enjoy a better life.

One such surgery includes bariatric weight loss surgery. Through this technique, the patient will be prompt to limit their food intact as well as their appetite reduction to ensure that they remain fit and active.

They also provide nutrition and diet plan which help patients to change their lifestyles and in return become more active.

Euro Med Clinic Dubai

Another of the clinics within our list of medical center in Dubai is Euro Med Clinic Dubai, they offer obesity and weight loss programs through various factors including diet and exercise, fat-melting injection, cool sculpting, lipotropic injections, laser fat-melting, liposuction, radiofrequency lipolysis to include a few.

The main focus of the experts in Euro is to ensure that their specialists provide the best consultation to patients from various walks of life.

People need a comprehensive list of clinics in Dubai to check the most prominent medical centers from where they can consult a doctor of their choice.

With various specialists of medical care professionals, the patient can select the one which might help him more targeted or simply avail the support of an internal medicine specialist who can later refer you to a specialist depending on your requirement.

Northwest Clinic

Northwest Clinic lives by the rule that prevention is better than cure. That’s why they keep an effective system for customers to visit their clinic and have regular checkups from professional doctors.

Whether you are facing diabetes, obesity, or other disease and need consultation from an expert doctor in Dubai, Northwest clinic is the right one.

We have placed the northwest clinic as one of the centers in our list of clinics in Dubai for the one-window operation, housing multiple doctors for the assistance of customers.


When traditional doctor consultation along with real-time data collection from community-based information combines, the result becomes quite special and worthy for humans.

Glucare is a diabetes, thyroid, cardiology, and endocrinology clinic with the integration of teleconsultation and data-driven methods.

The main reason to place Glucare within our list of clinics in Dubai is because of the innovative nature of the clinic and how they can offer consultation through mobile apps, web, and teleconsultation.

Valiant Clinic

Valiant Clinic contains various healthcare professionals all to offer the best possible solution to patients who are in search of some great care in the first place.

When diabetes checkup is concerned, Valiant Clinic has all the right tools and means to offer consultation services for their patients.

Their Endocrinology dream team caters to features that include pre-diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, short and long diabetes complications, gestational diabetes, and monogenic diabetes.

Dr. Fatma Endocrine Center

Dr. Fatma Endocrine center is regarded as a single-specialty clinic that caters to diabetic patients only although they have experienced doctors with a better understanding of diabetes complications and how to fix them.

Our main reason to include this clinic within our list of clinics in Dubai shows quite evidently that the services offer by Dr. Fatma Endocrine center are surely one stop for your diabetes treatment needs.

Some of the services offered by this medical center include testing support, thyroid ultrasound, nutrition therapy, and availability of fusion drip.

Weight Care Clinic

Another center included in our list of clinics in Dubai for our diabetes checkups is the weight care clinic.

A clinic is as good as the professionals that are housed in it. The weight care clinic includes some amazing minds who will help you to control and treat your diabetes.

With over 30 years of experience in endocrinology, the weight care clinic help to overcome obesity, control diabetes through treatment and dieting as well as offer high-grade medical treatment.

Apple Clinic UAE

Apple Clinic UAE offers numerous solutions including diabetes care, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatric, Gynaecologist, pathologist, and dentistry.

As for diabetes care, they have specialized doctors aimed to offer optimal service to ensure that patients are completely supported through medical expertise regarding this subject.

Whereas nutritionists will assist patients to follow a dieting plan that ultimately helps in controlling diabetes in the first place.

AH Dubai

Another medical center that we have included in our list of clinics in Dubai includes AH Dubai or American Hospital Dubai.

They are regarded as one of the largest private hospitals which offer a variety of services for patients looking for a specialized doctor.

As for diabetes care, they have a separate department of diabetes, endocrinology, and nutrition to asset you control your body’s insulin intake as well as ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.


Panacea is regarded as one of the most trusted clinics in Dubai that’s the reason it has been included in our list of clinics in Dubai.

Specifically for diabetes care, they have a department of internal medicine that is responsible for providing healthcare for diagnosis and treatment of major and minor illnesses including diabetes.

Boston Diabetes and Endocrine Center

It’s no more a hidden fact that diabetes is growing uncontrollably across the world mostly because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Boston diabetes and endocrine center aims to change this within the geolocation of Dubai through its solid medical care and services.

The specialist within BDEC will help patients achieve the impossible, which is to control and treat their diabetes with a variety of assistance.

Medi Clinic

Diabetes care is regarded as most important since it requires the patient to follow a completely different lifestyle. Constant support, assistance, and treatment are needed. Medi Clinic is aimed to provide just that.

Features that include screening, diagnosis, and management with the physician to control diabetes will surely help to fix it.

No matter how much you are taking care of your health but you still need to visit your local doctors at least for your annual regular checkups for preventative healthcare. This leads to our main question about why the health care center in Dubai is an important facility for a regular checkups.

In this article, we will go through some details which will help us in identifying the need for visiting a health care center in Dubai for our regular checkups.

Reduce chances of getting sick

A health care center in Dubai is equipped with all means and methods to assess your primary healthcare.

By doing that, you will get a better understanding of your present state of health and how to prevent from crossing the red line of living a healthy lifestyle.

The role of the health care center in Dubai is vital as you will be given a comprehensive result card about your blood sample, doctor findings, and recommendations.

Detect life-threatening diseases early

Everyone wants to remain healthy and no one in their right mind wants to go near something like a serious health emergency.

Although still, people are facing a lot of illnesses and diseases that can be prevented if found early, such as cancer.

That’s why health care center in Dubai assist people in identifying the root cause even before their symptoms starts to appear one at a time.

Increase the chance of treatment

Once the detection of any life-threatening disease has been identified, the patient will have a high chance to treat it completely.

This is why going for regular checkups at a health care center in Dubai assists patients to save a lot of pain, cost as well as time.

Most of the time, people visit a health care center in Dubai only when the symptoms are appearing in greater number. During that time, it becomes late and complicates the treatment of the life-threatening disease.

Limit the risk of complications

We would like to emphasize it multiple times as the detection of diseases that could prove to be life-threatening creates a lot of complications during a patient’s lifespan.

It makes their body weak due to late detection of illness, which makes it pretty difficult for doctors to treat the body effectively.

Having a regular check-up for illness prevention can benefit you in the long run.

Increase lifespan

One of the main reasons for countries with a higher lifespan for their citizen is because of a robust healthcare system.

Many healthcare within UAE prompts their citizen to visit health care center in Dubai for regular checkup mostly to deter preventable disease.

This in return improves the lifespan of patients as they remain within stable health and yearly visiting your doctor helps in this regard.

Reduce health costs over time 

One might argue from the fact that going to the doctor without any symptoms will increase the overall cost.

Although this is true when you look at the short term. Although when looking at the scenario where when not visiting your local doctor the preventable disease could appear in your body and take shape to in more strength.

All the costs which will be spent on treating that high degree of illness will make people awake at night hence having an annual checkup is the right option.

Form a good partnership with doctors

Having a good relationship with Doctors ensure that you are relaxed when explaining your concerns to your doctor.

And it goes the same for your physician as he will be more personal when consulting you about treatment.

This is helpful for people who would like to stay with one doctor and keep asking for their advice on any issue they face.

Visit our clinic today and find out about our executive medical checkup.

Are you looking for a long-term relationship with your physical health care center in Dubai? visit Northwest clinic which hosed various specialists to enable one-window service to give you premium healthcare service in Jumeirah.

If you are either living in UAE or planning to live there, one important fact that needs to get reminded for our readers is that clinics in UAE have the best medical service one can find in the world.

Although with the best medical service comes added cost, so it surely means UAE medical bills are a bit on the higher end.

This article will explain some details regarding how much cost to expect for medical care in UAE and how people usually avail medical services within clinics in UAE.

In short medical costs are high

We would like to reiterate the fact yet again that the cost of medical care within clinics in the UAE is high.

This means people are left with two options, either go to a government hospital for their checkups as they are free of charge, or apply for insurance to cover their expenses.

It has been within the UAE law that every employer needs to provide basic medical insurance to every employee, although this doesn’t include the direct dependents of the employee.

The average cost for Basic check-ups

One of the basic questions many people might ask regarding the costs of visiting clinics in UAE is about the average cost for a basic checkup.

This is something almost every citizen whether ex-pat or local has to do at least once every year. As per the latest statistics, the average cost of simply going for a small trip to clinics in the UAE is over AED 300.

For specialist consultation, the cost will surely go up which depends on the clinic’s reputation as well as how good the specialist is.

Emergency medical treatment in government-funded hospitals is free

In UAE, there is no cost for emergency medical treatment in government-funded hospitals. Although even in there if you are needed to perform a surgery or simply visit for a regular checkup, it will cost you although subsidized.

Another important thing to consider regarding visiting clinics in UAE is that long-term treatment which needs surgery is very high and cannot be done without insurance covering it.

90% of residents in UAE have insurance

As we have explicitly explained that most UAE citizens and ex-pats included have insurances that are covering their medical costs either partially or completely.

Some companies offer insurance to people although in most cases, instead of applying for insurance on your own, your employer selects the insurance on your behalf.

As UAE provides great quality medical assistance, it’s necessary to have all covered for cost end so that you can remain relaxed about paying huge bills to banks in the event of visiting the clinic in the first place.

Types of Insurances covered in Northwest Clinic?

At Northwest Clinic, we offer insurance to our customers who are looking to avail of our medical care services.

Most of the respectable insurance companies are already covered through our clinic, which includes Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Al Ain Ahlia Insurance, Al Khazna Insurance company, Allianz Care, and many more.

The main objective to offer various insurances company for our customers is to become the leading clinic in Jumeirah and to provide amazing health care services which are available for everyone.

Get in touch with our specialist for your regular checkup in our clinic.

If you are interested to consult one of our internal medicine specialists for your regular checkup, simply visit Northwest clinic where we provide a great number of services through our registered professionals in multidisciplinary fields.

Finding the right specialist near your area is something everyone prefers. Although the main question here is which specialist can one expect at a medical center in Jumeirah.

This article explains most of the health specialists which are commonly found within the medical center in Jumeirah as our reader can get a better insight as to how to find them in the first place.

Diabetes and Endocrinology

In today’s time, around 450 million people are living with diabetes. The thing about diabetes is that it can be controlled but not cured.

This makes it evident that a specialist is needed for diabetic patients who will help them control and treat their diabetes.

Whereas endocrinologists within the medical center in Jumeirah can assist people through consultation regarding hormonal problems like the ones caused by glands that control your blood pressure, body temperature, and body’s natural chemical balance.

Dietetics and Nutrition

Staying healthy and reducing the risk of getting sick need proper dieting. It can not be possible to make a diet plan on your own without the help of any specialist.

If you are looking for a dietitian, the medical center in Jumeirah host pretty good ones who can provide you with a better advice on which diet plan to follow, take follow-ups and assist you to keep committed to your diet plan.

Most of the patients that often go to a dietitian are looking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Early Pregnancy care

Gynecologists and Obstetricians are specialists who look after women’s health, especially for their pregnancy care and related consultation.

Having a lot of term support from a gynecologist is quite important to have since the doctors will keep observing the fetus from the start and advise the expected mothers accordingly.

This makes a mother feel reassured that a specialist is there for them to advise for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Man/Women’s health check

If there’s one thing most people would agree upon is that most walk-ins are just regulars who are looking for their regular health check.

Regular health checks help patients to remain in the clear regarding any undiagnosed illnesses which might be brewing within their body undetected.

Doctors will diagnose their health in the light of laboratory test reports which assess them to better consult their patients.

Pediatrics and Paeds Gastroenterology

The specialist of Paeds Gastroenterology usually helps children who are facing illnesses related to their stomach, intestines, liver, or pancreas.

The gastrointestinal tracts of children need more specialization to ensure that proper guidance is passed to the parents of children to recover or remain healthy.

Pediatrics and Paeds gastroenterologists can also be found within the medical center in Jumeirah.


The base of human body is made from muscle and bones, and there are some instances when patients need a specialist who can provide relief them from the pain of the bones and muscles.

Orthopedic aims to offer their consultation in the branch of medicine where bones and muscles of the human body are considered.

Patients can get better treatment whether they are facing pain in their joints, back, or neck. Sports injuries, strains, and patients with an accident can also schedule an appointment with them.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

As early pregnancy care is offered within the medical center in Jumeirah, Obstetricians are also related to the same field of childbirth, pregnancy, and postpartum period although more subjected to the surgical field.

For patients looking to have their C-section and need consultation related to a developing pregnancy, Obstetricians are the right specialist for this job.

Gynecologist on the other hand will offer their standard services related to expecting mother’s support.


There are times when a patient’s mobility is compromised due to any reason, whether it’s through sports injury and need rehabilitation, or senior patients needing extra assistance in the treatment of their joints, physiotherapy is the right department for you.

The role of the physiotherapist is to ensure that patients’ movement goes to the pre-accident level with the help of rehabilitation, injury prevention, and proper fitness of their body.


The specialist who treats the urinal tract for men, women, and children as well as diseases that support reproductive system is within the department of urology.

It’s the role of a specialist urologist found around the medical center in Jumeirah to operate on male patients for problems around the prostate, male infertility, and uncontrollable urine leak.

Wanted to learn more about our medical center in Jumeirah?

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Almost every patient shows some interest in making a long-term relationship with their physician, usually known as a family doctor. This article will explain various standard which is followed by the family clinic in Dubai.

Although it’s pretty much understandable that every doctor can assist you in fixing your concerns for the better but there’s an established trust element with family doctors including various other long-term benefits.

Routine checkups including new-borns

One thing for a family clinic in Dubai to look for is to start checking the family members from a young age, even if they are newborns.

They are general physicians, hence they understand every illness and assist them either through prescribing medicine or referring them to a more specialized doctor with a better understanding of the subject.

Health risk assessments

A family clinic in Dubai has a better history of illness that runs in the family. Either through the parents or even grandparents, the physician can better assess the problem for a member through derivation from the family tree.

The main course of action taken by an ordinary doctor is to observe and diagnose the disease in depth which might take time as well as adds up cost.

The family clinic in Dubai has an edge over regular doctors since the doctor can assist patients by taking into account any genetic illness without assuming things from their minds.


Vaccinations and other immunization are needed for both young and old to protect from certain viruses.

A family clinic in Dubai has a better understanding of the latest virus and which immunization are available in the market, the patient can easily trust the doctors so that they can guide them properly to obtain the latest immunization.

Screening tests

The goal of the screening test is to detect any form of disease brewing in the body as a certain illness doesn’t show symptoms until it’s gone to a late stage.

Your family clinic in Dubai will assess every member separately to check their vital and detect any illness in its early stages.

Treating an illness is always easier and has a better success rate than illness finding at a later stage.

Healthy lifestyle counseling

It’s required the doctor to give their best counseling to their patients for them to live a healthy lifestyle.

As for the family clinic in Dubai, you can simply expect all the recommendations to be precise to your behavior, needs, and personality.

Treatment of common chronic illness

Most patients that visit the family clinic in Dubai are looking to treat their common illness. Such illness needs effective treatment and without any delay.

Although there might be cases where even a common illness becomes chronic because of promptly action towards their treatment.

Benefits of going to the family clinic 

After understanding the various ways a family clinic in Dubai helps the patient by ensuring that their health care is covered, we would also want our readers to learn some benefits of finding a reputable family clinic in Dubai.

Entrusting long term relationship

First and foremost anyone looking for a robust relationship with a doctor always prefers a family clinic in Dubai.

The thing about the family doctor is that they are a general physician and look after the patient with complete regard for family traits and attributes which normal doctors visit through walk-ins mostly disregards.

Better community-level factors for patient’s health

In a most ideal scenario, a doctor should also take the community into consideration and factors that indirectly depend on the healthcare of the patient.

As for the family clinic in Dubai, it is something you can expect from them from day one. Which ultimately needs to have prompted positively.

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Most patients that visit Jumeirah medical center are regarded as walk-ins. The main question in most people’s minds is what to expect from a renowned Jumeirah medical center as being an outpatient.

Let’s look into more detail about how the staff members and doctors offer their services from the medical clinic to outpatients and which concerns can be addressed within the same organization.

Patients looking for primary care physicians

First and foremost, all those patients which are interested to consult a doctor for their primary health should be entertained through Jumeirah medical center.

They are also the best test cases for walk-ins because what they need is a regular checkup and to check if all of their vitals are normal or if there are some concerns.

A doctor can better advise them either through taking prescriptions or changing lifestyles to make their life more secure and meaningful.

Patients with low income or migrants

The hospital can be crowded and those which are private are expensive for a simple regular checkup.

Patients which are migrants or regarded as low-income salaried can avail the services of Jumeirah medical center for an ordinary checkup.

The specialist doctors can assist greatly in devising your recommendation for low-income patients so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Looking for your annual checkups

Patients who are not sick per se simply need to have them checked as an annual checkup routine. The doctors are usually the ones whom the patients are most comfortable with.

These specialist doctors within Jumeirah medical center will advise the patients to conduct various laboratory tests so that they can better identify whether their body is leading a healthy lifestyle.

For early pregnancy checkups

Women’s health must be regarded as most important and the same goes for Jumeirah medical center, especially for pregnant mothers.

Pregnant women need a women specialist doctor such as a gynecologist to look after their concerns and advise patients about their next course of action.

Consulting local doctors for early pregnancy checkups is one of the best ways to create a long-term relationship between doctors and patients.

Specialized treatment

Sometimes patients are indeed looking for specialized treatment. Meaning they are on the lookout for specialized doctors within their specific field.

For that, the patient either needed a robust team of experts or well-experienced doctors able to provide them with basic to advance consultation housed within a reputable Jumeirah medical center.


Most of the small to medium-sized Jumeirah medical center has their pharmacy. Although some prescriptions might not be available within their location and need to head toward a big pharmacy store.

Still, a small pharmacy will surely help you to save time as well as get information about which medicine is most suitable for your needs.

Basic health preventive services

Some patients simply want to remain vigilant about their bodies and whether they are facing anything out of the ordinary.

Some illnesses can be identified through the help of proper observation and blood samples. For that, you need a professional doctor’s assessment by showing them the reports. The result will ensure whether you are safe or facing some disease that was unidentified up till now.

Want to find out more about how your local medical center can assist outpatients in Jumeirah?

There are a lot of good things one can come up with for the local Jumeirah medical center. If you are looking for a robust clinic for your everyday consultation, simply consult at Northwest clinic where we look after all your needs in the most professional manner.

One of the biggest concerns of parents for their children to have a sore throat. Mostly it’s one of the symptoms of tonsils. Let’s learn about various factors that cause tonsillitis in children in this blog.

One of the most important things to consider about elements that causes tonsillitis in children is that every kid is different from each other, so we can’t generalize the symptoms for everyone.

That’s why ENT specialist takes more time in observing and finding out the nature of the tonsil by carrying out a variety of tests.

Viral infections are the most common

Talking about factors that causes tonsillitis in children, viral infections lead to the top list. As the germs are regarded as the driving force in making your kid’s throat get swollen up, it’s highly important to take into consideration about season viral which usually spread like wildfire.

The viral infection attacks the children’s tonsils severely and in return makes them cough. Fever is also an indication that the body is fighting with infection and need medical care.


There are various bacteria responsible to cause strep throat, which is a situation in which the throat gets swollen and starts to inflammation.

As tonsils are the area around the throat that catches all the bacteria from the nostrils and mouth area to ensure that your body remains protected, in return it gets swollen and gets relief through remedies on an urgent basis.


There is some form of fungi that is regarded as one of the factors that causes tonsillitis. Candidiasis is a fungal infection that causes yeast infection around the mouth and throat.

As fungi contain a lot of germs, it will make your throat and tonsil area is swollen over time, hence it’s highly important to check the throat for any such signs of fungi in the first place.


It might be possible that your kid is facing some major allergic reactions over time through unknown triggers.

Because allergy can be of various sorts, the doctor needs to identify the source of the allergies so that elements which causes tonsillitis can be contained.

Sinus infection

Pain over your head and nose can also be regarded as one of the factors that causes tonsillitis. In a sinus infection, your body can get battered by the pain over your nose and head area.

With pain over the nose, your kids could also get a reduced immune system, which opens the way for germs to attack the body severely.


There are various types of cancers around the throat area that cause infection over your tonsils as well.

Sometimes due to severe cases, the tonsil gets increased which is also known as hoarseness of tonsils, which can become cancerous for people. It needs to be taken out promptly so that it doesn’t spread to your other body parts.


Sore throat in any way can trigger inflammation in your tonsils. We can say in a similar sense with injuries as well.

The injury at the outside of the neck will prompt the throat to inflammation, which will trigger the tonsil to get swollen.


Various irritants make people get uncomfortable and in some cases trigger allergies as well.

As for most common irritants, the air pollution and cigarette can cause kids to cough which damage their throat and enable forming of tonsils.

Stomach acids

Sometimes your stomach acids keep coming over your throat either through overeating or during some medical condition.

With stomach acids over the mouth

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Ear Nose Throat or ENT specialist is the one you need to look for to treat your tonsils infected areas.

But the main question which should be arises is what’s the method adopted by such specialists to fix the tonsils infected areas for start.

This article will explain in detail various ways adopted by ENT specialists in treating tonsils for both adults and children alike.

ENT helps you treat various symptoms through tonsils

The first line of action adopted by ENT specialists to treat tonsils infected areas around your throat is by observing symptoms that are being faced by the patient.

Some of the common symptoms of tonsils infected throat include fever, bad breath, swollen nodes, sore throat, and uncomfortable swallowing.

On some occasions, there are more severe cases of tonsils that need to be properly catered to give extra effort in their treatment.

Methods adopted by ENT specialists to treat tonsils infected areas

The main difference between ENT specialists and general physician is the method adopted by them.

A specialist will always take more variables into account before starting their treatment for tonsils infected areas of your throat.

We have listed various factors which will be checked by the ENT specialist to get a clear picture of the level of illness.

Medical History

First and foremost, the thing about tonsils is that sometimes it’s recurring and could become a chronic case as well, which takes a longer time to get treated.

The ENT specialist will first ask about the medical history and how frequently the patient experience a sore throat.

By taking the variables under consideration, the specialist has a better understanding of which type of tonsils infected area needs to be treated.

Physical examination

After learning about the details directly from the patient or their guardians, the ENT specialist will undergo some basic physical examination, to check firsthand about the tonsils infected areas.

The first thing is that the specialist will ask the patient to open their mouth and check the redness of the throat nodes as well as the swollenness level.

Throat cultures

A doctor can also take the throat cultures test or strep test which means extracting the running the test through the swap.

If the swap shows positive, the doctor usually prescribes antibiotics which greatly help to fight infections.

Although if the test is negative, the ENT specialist might retake the culture test to further investigate the problems firsthand.


By checking the size and shape of adenoids also known as tonsils, the ENT can better distinguish between the severity of the tonsils infected areas.

Either ENT specialist can take a few tests before the X-ray to double confirm the status of the tonsils severity or can leave this party as a whole.

Blood test

In every infection, the blood test can identify the type of infection and what effect it has on your body.

A doctor can also identify the nature of the infection and its corresponding treatment so that your body gets a better chance of fighting the illness from within.

How to treat tonsils infected areas?

The main question for which most people are reading this blog is how to treat tonsils infected areas of your throat.

We have listed two common ways which help fight the inflammation and swollenness of tonsils while giving relief to the patient at the same time.


Antibiotics are regarded as miracle medicine as it helps the body to recover within its immune system only by making the entire process fast-paced.

Antibiotics are usually prescribed to fight the infection of any kind, similar can be said for tonsils infected areas.

Tonsils removal

If the size of the tonsils is overgrown, it needs to be removed while the surgeon will undergo a series of observations after surgery so that the patient’s symptoms are all under control.

Looking for a reputable clinic to check your tonsils infected areas in Dubai? 

Are you looking for an authentic medical facility in Dubai that handles treatment for tonsils infected areas around your throat? Northwest clinic seems to know all the right specialists as well as professional staff members to handle day-to-day service.

Many children face inflammation in their tonsils which gets them irritated and in great pain. It’s evident to find a definite tonsils treatment to ensure that inflammation and swelling of tonsils in children can be properly treated.

We have created this article to help our readers understand about overall symptoms caused by tonsils as well as the tonsils treatment itself.

Types of tonsils

Before we can jump into the treatment of tonsils, it’s important to learn about the types that our medical science has categorized.

It is important to note that 95% of tonsils appear at a young age and have an almost 100% success rate.

Below we have explained the 3 types of tonsils which make our children uncomfortable and need to be treated at the earliest.

Acute Tonsillitis

Tonsils play as a filter that helps to trap germs that try to enter through our nostrils and might cause infection.

Although tonsils get swelled if a high number of germs trap in them. The tonsils need to be removed since swollen part will make the throat inflammable.

Acute tonsillitis may be referred to as a low category of tonsillitis in which the inflammation doesn’t go beyond 2 weeks.

Recurrent tonsillitis

As the name suggests, recurrent tonsillitis keeps appearing several times a year. Similar to soar throat, tonsil takes in the shape of a sore throat the one experience during flu season.

In most cases, the germs which are trapped in the throat area keep getting stronger over time, but through antibodies released by tonsils, they can be eliminated as well.

Chronic tonsillitis

This is regarded as the most severe type of tonsil which can lead to tonsil infection for a longer duration.

Chronic tonsillitis needs to be properly treated as the pain of the tonsil for a greater duration will cause a high level of inflammation. Mostly children face the sore throat problem and need relief from the pain especially if the pain stays for a longer duration.

Tonsils symptoms

As we have explained above, the tonsil symptoms are mostly related to flu symptoms. Sometimes people take a tonsil case as an ordinary seasonal flu.

Below we tried to explain various tonsils symptoms which assist doctors in better identifying the type of tonsillitis and how can it be fixed.

Throat pain, fever, headache, ear pain, loss of appetite, trouble swallowing, bad breath, stiff neck, and muffed voice includes in some of the symptoms of tonsils.

Tonsils symptoms in children

Commonly, whenever the term tonsils come under consideration, most people refer to it through children.

Below we have pointed out the tonsil symptoms in children and how much it differs from the adult tonsils.

Upset stomach, vomiting, stomach pain, drooling, and not wanting to eat or swallow are regarded as common symptoms found in children.

Risk factors 

Now let’s discuss why it’s important to focus on the tonsils treatment since there are few risk factors under consideration if it’s left untreated.

For children of age 5 to 15, tonsil symptoms are more common. To make sure that children don’t get fatigued and in dire pain from tonsils, we need to treat them promptly.

Another big risk of tonsil in children is that when carrying germs that lead to the inflammation needs to be handled effectively by wearing a mask or other preventive measures.

Tonsils treatment

The doctor which is responsible for proper tonsil treatment is an ENT specialist. A general physician can also advise you on common treatment protocols by assessing the symptoms.

Although if the tonsils are not being fixed by a certain clinic, it’s always good to find another doctor who could identify your case in a better way.

Below we have explained various types of tonsil treatment which have proven results for both children and adults.


First and foremost, the medication leads the list of tonsils treatment in the entire world. Aside from what symptoms people are getting, the doctor can check by observing the throat walls and how red are they.

Antibiotics help in fighting the infection although it takes a lot of energy from the body as well. Hence many households follow some home remedies which balance your body while getting proper treatment as well.

Want to visit a professional consultant that can help in tonsils treatment?

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